Online exam 2016 (MEO)

In February 2016 I'm testing non-standard form of exam, the online exam.

Managerial economics (MEO)
  • Acccess: (visible only during the exam and for the registration)
  • Exam time: Friday 12.02.2016, 20:00-22:00.
  • User registrationu: Thurstday 19:00-23:00 and Friday 19:00-20:00.
  • I emaild the password for the registration to your representative.
  • During the exam I'll accessible under the email
  • The online correction exam is ment for correcting the result only - it enables "reaching" the "3.0" grade
  • Those who haven't yet written - please contact me individually.
  • Other specific details on the exame - after starting the exam
Basic conditions and rules:
  • main condition is to have Internet access at the time of the exam
  • during the exam, you should have what you normally have at the exam - students ID, a pen, calculator, sheet of paper, but also: personal ID and one of the three: 1) cell phone with a camera 2) a digital camera 3) a web camera
  • counting questions you can solve using text - remember that the power we input using "^" sign, for example: 1 / (1+y) = z^(x+1) , where x: production, y: price etc.
The online test has many advantages, I don't have to mention. For me it is easier to check the results. However, I can't controll that you work individually. It does not mean thoug I have no options:
  • the time for each question is limited.,
  • the questions require knowledge and understanding which you will not be able to answer using the contents of the Internet,
  • further, I suggest not to use the Internet in open questions, because I can quite easiliy verify it; noticing to much similarity may result in 0 points,
  • during the registration you accept the statement that you work individually and alone,
  • verify you identity.
The verification is two-step.
  1. first, you register using you students personal information and password I give to your group via the representative of the group,
  2. secong verification takes place during the exam - details on what to do you will learn during the exam :).
If you notice something wrong, let me know (best via the representative): @